Sunday, April 23, 9:26 pm

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Monday, June 6th
Re-scheduled for Rookie Ball Guillemette Masonry Blue Jays
Wednesday June 15th Minor Dubé Designs Blue Jays
Major OPG Blue Jays
Tuesday, June 7th
 Re-scheduled for Rookie Ball TVF Athletics
 Tuesday June 14th Minor TPA Athletics
Major TVF Athletics
Wednesday, June 8th
 Re-scheduled for Rookie Ball Albert’s Orioles
 Thursday June 16th Minor Neo Laser Tag Orioles
Major Dailey’s YIG Orioles
Thursday, June 9th
 Re-scheduled for Rookie Ball Northern Connections Red Sox
 Monday June 13th Minor Skoser Merch Red Sox
Major Krazy Krazy Red Sox
Monday, June 13th Tee Ball Group A
Tuesday, June 14th Tee Ball Group B
Wednesday, June 15th Tee Ball Group C
***Pictures will be at 7pm**** 
(before Majors and after Minors, Rookie Ball and Tee Ball)
Cost is $18 (includes an individual and team picture).
Must be paid the night of the pictures.
Cash or check only (payable to Ludger Cloutier)